communicatrix's Best Year Yet 2007

24 Jul 2007

I’ve decided to share my goals for the Best Year Yet program for two reasons:

  1. To help other readers of the book who are looking for more examples of “styling” your list.
  2. To make my goals more real to me.

I encourage you to do the same, and if you do, to write me at communicatrix -AT- gmail -DOT- com to let me know you’ve done it. I’ll compile a page at my website, to provide some mutual, out-loud support.

Thanks, and may this year be your best yet!



• Check in first
• Secure my own oxygen mask first
• First/tricky things first

NEW PARADIGM 14 Jan 2007

Wealth suits me because I know how to use it well.

YEARLY GOALS 14 Jan 2007

  1. Walk ½ hour day, 5x/week
  2. “Fanatical adherence” to SCD
  3. Give something to a friend every week
  4. Do one new, fun thing each month with The BF
  5. Start and maintain a weekly podcast
  6. Pick up six new great clients/gigs
  7. Write book and start publishing process
  8. Check in with my sisters once per week
  9. Know where all my money is
  10. Organize and decorate my office to suit my new needs